Value from the beginning

We unify all digital tools

Integrating any online tool – external or external – in an immediate way.

We provide a single access, for each and every one of the center’s digital solutions.

Collaboration & video conference

Virtual classrooms and dedicated study rooms with FullHD quality

The most powerful collaboration tool, made available to the educational world where each teacher, student or staff that needs it, has its own videoconferencing space and collaborate with anyone who wants: From any device, and in a click.

  • FullHD in personal classrooms
  • No technological barriers: in a click, and from any device
  • Messaging service and collaboration of the center itself.


Personalized service, safe and adapted to each educative center needs.

Immediately and personalized, while adding unique tools to enhance work among all members of the educational world.

An open door to collaborate with other centers, countries and cultures, promoting cultural exchanges, multidisciplinary work, languages and collaborative tasks.

As simple as contacting other members of other centers, creating work groups and uniting students from different centers.


A world of opportunities for students, teachers and centers.

Innovation & collaboration for the educative sector

More than 450 centers, already join   to his students in a multicultural teaching and without moving from the desktop.

There is more...

A secure platform, which unites the digital tools that you already have immediately, and that allows the most powerful collaboration in the education sector.

Imagine having access to hundreds of colleagues and centers internationally from where as a teacher create work groups for multicultural tasks with your students.

Imagine, simply, that students can practice English with native students, while sharing knowledge to do their quarterly work.

Imagine teaching international experiences, without leaving your center.


Professional Support

A platform so intuitive that you will not need to go to our support: but if you need it, you have it with guaranteed SLA.

With the permanent introduction of technological innovations: no developments, no need to have dedicated staff.

A unique experience full of opportunities.


Infinity of opportunities

  • Integration with third-party applications: Moodle, websites, et
  • Bring the classroom to a digital tool of absolute collaboration
  • Performing of daily ordinary activities in digital.
  • Create unique actions for your students.
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School & Universities
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Hours of videoconference​
  • Flexible Plans

Adapted to the needs of each educative center

  • Modern

Easy to use and with access to most complicated things in just one click 

  • Compatible with Android & iOS

All the potential of a service for any user and from any device. 

  • Professional security

With dedicated resources and the latest security policies.


  • Premium Support

Access to support with professional SLA of 2 Hrs. Dedicated infrastructure and what guarantees its operation 24×7

  • Dynamic

We incorporate the latest technological innovations as well as specific needs of each client immediately.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

Any educational center can have The Campus immediately. 

No. Being a service that is so easy to use, neither physical nor human resources are required for admission and day to day.

Yes. All the systems used use state-of-the-art encryption and encryption, monitored in real time 24×7.

The Campus unifies any online tool you have, integrating them into a single service for students and teachers. A single point of access, with value-added tools, collaboration and direct touch, among endless benefits.