Do you know what
Education 4.0 is?

Education 4.0 is not an educational model. It is a matter of applying existing technological tools (ICTs), to prepare people and make them adapt easily to the changes brought about by the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Education 4.0 is not based on content, but on the student’s competences. It is a change in the educational approach, focusing on the student rather than the teacher.

Thus, elements such as self-direction, self-assessment and teamwork become the fundamental base of this new approach.

And you may wonder… 

What are its

It involves students proactively achieving common goals by pooling their efforts and resources. Group objectives and goals should be set. It optimises teaching, develops independence and enhances critical thinking. 

It fosters the relationship between the student and other agents, as well as with his or her environment. It provides motivating activities that push the person to stay active and deepen knowledge. 

It makes the learner an agent of change, rather than a container of information. This type of learning requires learners to do something that helps them to develop their skills, rather than passive learning where information is merely passed on to them. 

Based on the analysis of data derived from the student’s own progress. This is the so-called learning analytics, which allows us to know which contents have been the most viewed, the tasks that have been carried out, the problems that users have had to face, which aspects of the course or the platform have generated the greatest difficulties… 

Educational situations can occur at all times and in all places. Therefore, students can continue their education throughout their lives, adapting it to their needs in terms of space and time.

How has education evolved?

Focused on assessment through examinations and individual work.

The importance of interaction between students is established.

Encourages the digital search for information. Stimulates competences.

Self-direction, teamwork. Project-based learning.

What is the
current situation?

Digitalisation has come into our lives in a forced way. Thus, there is a widespread need to enter this world.

At the educational level (universities, schools, centres, educational institutions…) the challenge is to adapt to the new teaching methods, although in this sector we have been familiar with LMS (Learning Management Systems) for a long time.

Does Moodle sound familiar to you? That’s right. Learning Management Systems. 

Services offered by companies that host the platform on Cloud systems. 

The sector is going through a changing period. Education is evolving at the same time as digitalisation. There is a need for teacher training, technical resources, new jobs… in short: generations of students who do not understand the world without technology.

Fear of technology
Sounds familiar?

«If what i’m used to it’s okay… Why change it?»

Because times change, and being left behind is never an option.

Technology strengthens our skills, makes our lives easier.

Do you use a multitude of
digital tools in your daily life?

Grades, virtual classes, calendar, Moodle, Google Drive…

Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of platforms you use?
Are you sometimes lost?  

No worries!


The Campus

amigos en the campus

At The Campus we we encourage you to go digital, but always at your own pace.

What does that mean?

With our customised virtual desktop, we offer you all the benefits of education 4.0, where you can also integrate the LMS you want.

You don’t have to stop using everything you already know. Just integrate it all into the same environment.

Communication, Closeness,
Collaboration, Community

We are the platform where you can host all your day-to-day tools, to make your life easier.

For further details…

We will tell you about it!